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Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly ~ Ignacio Estrada

Testimonials: Testimonials

As a full time working mom in the field of early childhood with two young boys of color, I perseverated about child care and preschool opportunities that would allow him to grow and develop in a context that supports his belief in himself and has peers of diverse backgrounds. My husband and myself grew up on opposite ends of the earth but both held deep value for in home providers with an enriching environment and consistent relationship with the provider/teacher. Over time, we have seen our son grow in his reading, early math and social learning. 

Over the course of our son's enrollment in Little Tykes, we have had the opportunity to navigate some challenges with Jen. In that, I have appreciated Jen's willingness to tackle those challenges together and work to shift approaches if necessary. Continuous learning, parent partnership and child centeredness are critical skills for providers and ones I have seen Jen embrace.

The Alfani Family

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